Wind Rain River Lake

The WRRL is a 3D mmorpg game runs on PC, Chinese knight-errant culture background content. It's sandbox type play, but not like GTA's seamless world, rather like Japanese adventure game, you switchs with diffrent scenes like manor,village,valley,etc; this way is more story telling I feel, some like shot transitions of movie. In this virtual wuxia world, there are many NPC,you can interact with them to experience rich stories, this is single play part, no need networking.

In multiplayer part, you can set up a home in game, own manor, employ servants and knights, strive for domain; or just alone, travel, venture, make friends, sometime draw a sword do you want. In short, the game will try to represent characters and stories of wuxia novels; and try to let player be a character of wuxia novels.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a good wuxia film, the game style of WRRL will near it.



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