Add Lightmaps To Morfit World  



Before we proceed, please first read the Light Map Maker Manual .

no lightmap                                                    lightmaped

This section describes how to to add lightmaps to morfit world scenes with LMM's morfit world import/export plug-in.

1.Import Morfit World to LMM.
Select Import... from the the File menu. When the standard Windows File Open 
Dialog box appears, open a Morfit World File (.wld, .morfit). In this case 
we select EightWays.wld in ...\Northdragon\3D Webmaker\Samples.




2.Position scene lights, compute lighting, and tweak until you are content.
Clicking on the button on the toolbar, change texture mode to Texture. When the import file has been loaded, the Morfit World file has been converted to surfaces, all selected by LMM. Now press "N" to deselect(preventing accidental surface changes). Switch to Front view to add lights.    To create a light, click on the button on the toolbar, then left-click in view window. Aim at the lamp located in the center of the ceiling. YYou should see a white hexahedron wireframe and a green bounding box, symbolizing a  Point Light. You can modify this lights properties in the control panel (default position on left). You can also move/rotate/scale the light by clicking down on the corresponding toolbar icon , and dragging in the View window.

Press Shift+M to go to Move mode, then switch to Top view. Press "O" to switch to  Orthogonal Projection, choose your view (use arrow keys to Zoom and Rotate view and numpad 2, 4, 6, 8 to move view), to get the light to the building's center.






Then,we will create 8 lights for the building's 8 corners. Click the button, and then the . Through 'copy' and 'paste', thereby cloning the light. In the Light Control Panel change the light type to Spot . Now drag it to the top corner and 
position to taste. Repeat the process seven times to make the other seven corner lights. And of course you can change any or all of those lights' colors by button(in Light Control Panel).

Now press "F9" to render the scene, wait some seconds, press "Shift+ T " or click the button,change Texture Mode to Texture * Lightmap, and 
you should see the image at your left below. Press " Shift+T " again to see the picture at right.


3.Export scene to Morfit World File.
Select Export... from the File menu, select "Morfit World File(.wld,.morfit)" in Files of type combo box in standard Windows file save dialog that appears. And type a file name in 'File Name:' edit box. Finally, press "Enter" to activate the export.

4.View your better-lit scene in  WorldBuild5.5 .
Open the foregoing exported-to WorldBuild 5.5, turn on your 3D card rendering , and you will see a beautiful image. Enjoy!