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 Reducing the amount of material groups - exporting surfaces 

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Hi...I use Awakening to lightmap my models, and noticed that the only way to apply lightmaps is if they are imported as a surface. So, when I export the lightmap, I can also only export as a surface. Everything works...there is only one problem

The exported model has over 4000 material groups. It has a material group for every face. But the original mesh only had about 40, it had one for every material, which was about 40 materials.

Is there a way to export the lightmap with the same number of groups it originally had?Also, there is another requirement, that the exported surface must also be identical to the lightmap except for materials and UV's. So the lightmap should have 40 groups and the surface should have 40 groups. Hopefully I'm not confusing anyone.

Is there any way to convert a surface into a static mesh or mobile? Because pressing F9 doesn't affect to statics or mobiles.
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Maybe you can custom a plugin for your exporting by the Awakening's SDK. For static mesh lighting, select it and press F10; and mobile's lighting is realtime, no pre-rendering.
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