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 AwakeningII 1.0 beta Released! 
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Released on 12/09/2010, AwakeningII 1.0 beta is now available.

*Landscape Rendering
atmosphere + terrain + water

*HDR Lighting
1. 64-bits Back Buffer
2. 64-bits Render Target
3. 64-bits Light Map Texture
4. Multiple HDR Texture Formats supports
5. HDR Shader Files

* Subsurface Scattering
A simple Depth based SSS, it even no need depth map.

*Two-sided & translucent effect
A effective technique to render the two-sided polygons with a translucent effect, it's useful for foliage, banners, cloth, etc.

*Depth Of Field
Depth of Field is a visual effect that simulate camera optics by making certain portions of the screen in-focus or out-of-focus depending on their distance from the camera.

*Motion Blur
Motion blur is the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image or a sequence of images such as a movie or animation.

*Sun Shafts
Sun Shafts is the effect of volumetric light scattering due to shadows in the atmosphere.

You can download here.
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