Features of LMM  



LMM's main feature is the addition of realistic lighting to real-time 3D scenes.

            1). Use the plugin attachment, save 3dsmax scenes to .tri files. Then load .tri files in LMM.

            2). Import from AC3D,3DS,D3DX,OBJ,WLD,TER ...

            3). Read your native format files by customing plugin.

            4). Imported mesh can generate surfaces or terrain.

            1). Visual textures browse & lightmaps checking. Support freely zoom.

            2). Ample mapping operations, include Fit,Tile,Flip,Turn; and exact adjustment by parameters.



            1). Three light types: Point,Spot,Directional; and various adjustable parameters: include Color,Range,FallOff,Angle,Attenuation.

            2). Fast Ray Tracing lighting.


            3). Realistic Radiosity lighting.


 4). Smoothing

no smoothing smoothing

 5). Mirror

6). Caustics


            7). Lighting calculation base Float Number. Support saving lighting result to BMP or HDR files.

            8). You can recalculate part scene's lighting by 'calculate lighting for selection', this will save much time sometime.


            1).  Optional Ambient color  and image Background color.
            2).  Elective lightmap image's Width/Height from 32 to 1024.
            3).  Freely control lightmap quality or let program determine quality by assigning lightmap number for a scene.
            4).  Whether Cast Shadow or Saving Float Number Lighting Data is optional.
            5).  Post Process for lightmap image. Include Brightness Rectification, Blur, Expose.
            6).  Exposure Coefficient for radiosity let you adjust radiation intensity; Render Resolution(64 ~ 1024) for radiosity let you control lighting quality. 
            7).  Curtness Mode for radiosity let you quickly get a approximate lighting result.

            1). Every surface can set it's lighting quality separate. This feature is especially useful when surface's size range is wide.

The house's lighting is more detaileder than the ground. (house's patch size: 20  ground's patch size: 300)

            2). Visual lighing detail checking.


            3). Ample effects. Include Full White, No Lightmap, No Block Ray, Double Side, etc.

            1). Vertex based lighting can save a lot of lighting data.


            2). Support computer vertices normals.


            3). Support Position / Rotate / Scale terrain.

            1). Offers so far export-plugins for 3DS, D3DX, Morfit World, VRML97; three types are optional: Base texture, Lightmap, Texture X Lightmap(for vrml).

base texture lightmap texture x lightmap

            2). Support customing plugin use LMM's SDK for your own format file.

            1). Considerate Measure options let you comfortably works with any size model, from tiny to large.
            2). Hold/Fetch, Undo, Remind Save release you from worrying about works lost.
            3). Orthogonal Project let scene's drawing like a blueprint.
            4). Cut/Copy/Paste, Objects List and various selection operations.