Awakening is powerful rapid application authoring tool for efficiently creating interactive 3D content. With it, you can easily creating eye-catching interactive 3D presentations, animated 3D web, brief film, game...

Awakening 3D solution include three modules: Scene Editor ( Awakening.exe ), Scene Player ( WindsPlayer.exe ) and Web3D Player ( supports IE  & Firefox family ).

Awakening presentations are typically used for making short movies, product and architectural visualizations, e.g. for sales, support and e-learning purposes, or, for product branding or prototyping.



Robust lighting Good lighting is crucial in building realistic virtual worlds. Awakening's lighting utility is powerful.
Lightmap support inside Awakening supports Ray Tracing, Radiosity, Smoothing, Mirror, Caustics, Alpha Test, etc. Other software rarely has built-in pre-compute lighting , so you must export to other programs, which takes more time and money.
Full animation support You can animate almost anything in your scenes, including 3D objects, lights, materials, cameras etc. Skinning Mesh Animation is useful for characters. Other software usually doesn't support animation, or provide simple animation at best. Awakening's Animation System is easy & powerful.
User-friendly physics system You get automatic collision-detection and easily achievable realistic walk-thru's in 3D worlds.
Other software rarely has physics systems.
Efficient Visibility Testing By setting up portals & section, you can build big 3D worlds with flowing real time rendering!
Other software rarely support this technology.
Flexible Shader Text support DXEffect Shader support lets you deeply control rendering, make photorealisticl realtime 3d images! 
Particular Blur Rendering Particular Blur Rendering increase image quality, let your realtime 3D scene looks more like a movie.
Realtime Post Processing You can do realtime image processing for rendered result of 3D scene. Presets ample filters includes brightness/contrast, blur, distort, desaturate, invert, levels, threshold, etc.
Compact web3d player Compact web3d plugins for embedding into Firefox & IE. It lets you show 3d scenes in web pages. It's only 400K (386K for IE); compared to other softwares always being more than 2M. It save waiting time for downloading.


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            1). Drag & Drop manipulate objects, synchronous object properties change in a free-docking panel.

            2). Convenient & Visual Texture Browser and Material Editor. 
               By freely setting Color, Texture, D3D Effect Script, Texture Play, you can invent any expected material.

            3). Support Undo, Hold/Fetch and Cut/Copy/Paste.


            1). Visual textures browse & lightmaps checking. Support freely zoom.

            2). Ample mapping operations, include Fit, Tile, Flip, Turn; and exact adjustment by parameters.




            2). Fast Ray Tracing lighting.


            3). Realistic Radiosity lighting ( amazed fast work with PCI-Express 3D Card ).


 4). Smoothing

no smoothing smoothing

 5). Mirror

6). Caustics

            7)  Alpha Test


            7). Lighting calculation base Float Number. Support saving lighting result to BMP or HDR files.

            8). You can recalculate part scene's lighting by 'calculate lighting for selection', this will save much time sometime

           more lighting features


            The special effects let you simulate smoke, fire, water, etc.