A Shining Teapot

In this tutorial, you will create a teapot, and use spheremap technique to simulate shining surface.

The file of this tutorial can be found at the scenes/tutorials/Spheremap.sce.

 Features Covered in This Tutorial

 1. Creating mobile
 2. Adding texture to scene
 3. Designing material, working with D3D Effect


Create the teapot
1. Choose "Create>Mobile..." in main menu, select "/models/teapot.tri" in the file dialog box that appears, then click "Open" button.
2. A teapot will appear at ( 0,0,0 ) coordinate. If you can't see it, click on the main toolbar.


Add texture
1. Switch to Texture Panel, and right-click in the texture browse window, then select "Add Texture". Select "/textures/spheremap.bmp" in the file dialog box that appears.
2. The spheremap image should lists now, you can zoom view use mouse wheel or '<' and '>' key.


Design Material
1. Switch to Material Panel, and click "New" button to create a new material. Name it with "shining".
2. Click the first square button in "Textures" group, select the spheremap image added just now in the texture dialog box that pops up. The square button should show the spheremap image, means this image was assigned to the first layer texture.
3. Click the first long button in "D3D Effect" group, select "/effects/spheremap/Shperemap.fx" in the file dialog box that appears. The edit box that under this button should displays shader codes. Now in material preview window, you should see rendering effect use this spheremap technique.


Assign Material to Teapot

1. First select the teapot in viewport, then switch to Material Panel, select the "shining" material, then click "Assign" button. The teapot will show the shining surface at once.