Shot Panel



Shot List:
You can browse all shots in this list box, and select shot, namely change current shot. 

Shot Name:
This edit box shows name of current shot, also let you change shot name. Below Name, there are two buttons: New, Delete.
New is for creating a new shot. Delete is for removing the selected shot.

This area shows current shot's properties.

 X, Y, Z is camera's position, namely where your eye when looking scene.

Yaw, Pitch, Roll is camera's orientation, namely what direction you look. More detailed, Yaw means turn left / right, Pitch means look up / look down, Roll means careen.

Circle means repeat playing, namely automatically play from start when reach the end of shot. No Shot Begin & Shot End message caused in the repeat playing.

Not Affect Camera means invalidate relative parameters with camera ( e.g. Position, Orientation, FOV,  Orthographic ) . The camera will not influenced by this shot.

FOV is Field of View, another notation of camera's focal length.

Orthographic is Orthographic Projection, another projection relative to Perspective.

Animated parameters list of current Shot. You can select parameter by left click, then edit it in Animation Panel. Also you can right click a parameter to change it's controller, see Controller box.

Command Target:
Actions list of current Shot, see Command Target.