Publish Your Work

Prepare a empty folder

Create a new folder somewhere in your hard disk. We'll copy all publish content to it ( e.g. "C:\Publish\Water" ).


Install scene to the folder


Open the scene you want to publish in Awakening. Select Tools > Install Scene... in Main Menu, a dialog  will appear. Type the folder path + filename ( e.g. "C:\Publish\water\water.sce" ) in File Name edit box. And set other parameters about Window, Camera, Player, see Install scene Dialog. Then click OK button, the scene will save to the folder, and Awakening will copy all needed resource to the folder, also copy WindsPlayer.exe if you do not check For Web3D . Then you can run WindsPlayer.exe in that folder for present your virtual world. To distribute, just pack that folder.

Web3D Publish

Remark: Arrange scene before installing is suggested.