Particle System

Particle System let you simulate rain, snow, fountain, etc. To create particle generator in Awakening, click the drop down arrow right at in main toolbar, select 'Particle' in the popup menu, then left click in viewport. Particle Panel will show all parameters of particle generator:

Name Name of particle generator
Color particle's color
Position Position of particle generator
Box Size Exist space. Particle's exist space is a box, once particle run out of this box, this particle will die, and generator create a new particle synchronously. 
Velocity Initialization velocity of particle. If generator is "Explode" type, this velocity only express length, because in "Explode" mode, direction of particle's initialization velocity is random.
Acceleration Acceleration of particle. This acceleration will take effect in whole particle life period.
Type Type of particle generator.
Amount Amount of particles. Once a particle die, another new one will be born, so total amount of particles is unchanged.
Size Size of particle
Move Noise Intensity Intensity of particle's move noise.
Spin Noise Intensity Intensity of particle's spin noise.
Cycle If turn off Cycle, no new particle born when a particle die.
Follow Camera If turn on this style, particle generator will always follow camera. This technique is useful for simulating rain/snow, particles will always around your eyes. See remark.
Spin Noise If turn on this style, particle will spin random.
Move Noise If turn on this style, particle will move random.


The geometry of a single particle is a triangle. To let particle seems like a round, prepare a image like this:

load this image ( Add Texture ) to scene and assign to particle generator.



If use the Render To Texture feature in scene, a particle that have 'Follow Camera' style should not be rendered simultaneously in RTT rendering and normal rendering. So you need hide the particle in RTT rendering (or in normal rendering), otherwise the particle will not be rendered well.

To do this, just add two actions for every RTT:

Message Function Object
Render Texture Begin Hide Particle
Render Texture End Show Particle