Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl In Select mode, hold down Ctrl key to extend selection.
Alt In Select mode, hold down Alt key  to reduce selection.
Alt In Rotate Camera mode, hold down Alt key for Look Around mode.
Alt + Shift + Left Click In Rotate Camera mode, selects object ( the center of rotating ).
Alt + Left Click In move/rotate/scale mode, pressing Alt to selects object.
Alt + Middle Button Switch to Rotate Camera mode temporarily
Tab In move/rotate/scale mode, pressing Tab to temporarily group multiple static meshs.
Ctrl, Shift In move/rotate/scale mode, pressing Ctrl or Shift to adjusts increment size.
Ctrl, Shift Bound direction when Fit / Title texture on surface.
Shift + Arrow Keys Pressing Shift + Arrow keys to adjusts increment size of moving/rotating camera.
F5, F6 Pressing F5 to run scene in Scene Player,  pressing F6 to run scene in viewport.
F9 Pressing F9 to calculate light maps.