Install Scene Dialog


File Name:  The destination of installation.
For Web3D: Whether install this scene for Web3D.
Limit FPS: Whether limit FPS ( Frames Per Second ) when playing this scene.
No Hardware VP: Whether disable hardware vertex processing ( certain vertex shaders can't run on some 3D accelerators. e.g. the "watergrass.sha" will cause error on some GeForce accelerators. )
Check Pixel Shader Whether check pixel shader when starting scene. ( Most preset shader files can runs on 3D accelerators without pixel shader, so you do not need check this option; but if you own shader strictly require pixel shader, you can check the option; then if your scene runs on a 3D accelerators without pixel shader, player will popup a message box to stop scene.)
Protect Content Whether protect scene content. If protected, the leaking content sensitive script functions like SaveScene() are invalid.
Blur Effect: Whether turn on 'Blur Effect'. ( This technique will use some video memory, in 'Auto' mode, winds3d player will detect video memory to decide whether enable blur effect.)
Speed: Adjust play speed


(These options is invalid in Web3D)

Width, Height:  The window's size of playing this scene.
Full Screen: Whether full screen when playing this scene.
Resizable: Whether enable resizing window when playing this scene.
No Frame: Whether hide window frame ( title bar, menu, etc ) .



Field of View:  The width of the area you see while looking through camera.
Near Plane: The nearest distance visible.
Far Plane: The farthest distance visible.
Move Step: Indicate how fast moving in 3D space.
Rotate Step: Indicate how fast rotating in 3D space.
Arc Ball Enable: Whether enable Arc Ball Mode ( press mouse left button and drag )  when view scene.
Move Enable: Whether enable moving camera.
Rotate Enable: Whether enable rotating camera.



Game Mode:  Whether as game mode navigating in virtual world.
Body Width: The virtual player's body width in game mode.
Duck Height: The virtual player's body height when ducking in game mode.
Stand Height: The virtual player's body height when standing in game mode.
Eye Offset: The distance from pate to eye.
Zero Gravity: Whether ignore gravity when do physics simulate in game mode.