Import & Export

Import/Export for third party format:

3D Format Import Export
3DS Yes Yes
AC3D Yes /
D3D X  Yes Yes
Terragen Terrain Yes /
VRML97 / Yes
Blitz3D / Yes
Wavefront OBJ  Yes /
DXF Yes /
Collada DAE Yes /


Export data from third party software:


Plugin Software
 Export model to .tri file  otherplugins \ max4triexp.dle

 3ds Max4.x

 otherplugins \ max5triexp.dle

 3ds Max5.x

 otherplugins \ max6triexp.dle

 3ds Max6.x, 3ds Max7.x

 otherplugins \ max8triexp.dle

 3ds Max8.x

 otherplugins \ max9triexp.dle

 3ds Max9.x

 otherplugins \ max2009triexp.dle

 3ds Max2009

 otherplugins \ max2010triexp.dle

 3ds Max2010

 otherplugins \ max2012triexp.dle

 3ds Max2012 32-bit

 otherplugins \ max2012triexp64.dle

 3ds Max2012 64-bit

 otherplugins \ max2014triexp64.dle

 3ds Max2014

 Export bones animation to .ani file  otherplugins \ max5aniexp.dle  3ds Max5.x
 otherplugins \ max6aniexp.dle  3ds Max6.x, 3ds Max7.x
 otherplugins \ max8aniexp.dle

 3ds Max8.x

 otherplugins \ max9aniexp.dle  3ds Max9.x
 otherplugins \ max2009aniexp.dle  3ds Max2009
 otherplugins \ max2010aniexp.dle  3ds Max2010
 otherplugins \ max2012aniexp.dle  3ds Max2012 32-bit
 otherplugins \ max2012aniexp64.dle  3ds Max2012 64-bit
 otherplugins \ max2014aniexp64.dle  3ds Max2014

Remark: you should turn off the Skin/Physique modifier before exporting in 3dsmax, then use the Export Selected... function to export model & animation.