A cloth object consist of connected nodes (red points in above figure), every node has own velocity and is restricted each other.  All nodes make up a grid. You can set gravity & wind for nodes, and freeze certain nodes. Also, you can set block for nodes, for example, a curtain blocked by a wall. Currently, Awakening only supports plane block.
To create cloth in Awakening, click the button in main toolbar, then left click in viewport. Cloth Panel will show all parameters of cloth:

Name Name of cloth
Width Column number of nodes grid
Height Row number of nodes grid
Interval Distance between neighboring nodes
No Render See Mesh Panel
No Clip See Mesh Panel
Fixed See Mesh Panel
Bump See Mesh Panel
Double Sided Also draw back face
Disable Block Disable block calculating
Clip tool, use this tool to lock nodes; hold Shift key for unlock.
Gravity Set gravity for cloth
Wind Set wind for cloth
Indicate calculate Gravity/Wind in object coordinate space
Pause cloth simulating
When picking/adding a plane block, the plane will be offseted by this value along normal.
Pick a plane as block from surfaces.
Add block
Delete selected blocks